Transitional Home for Homeless Female Vets (Phase 1) and those with children (Phase 2)
The plan is to purchase & renovate a large abandoned or foreclosed house and renovate, possibly like the photo of the mansion pictured, for our first transitional home to be known as, OUR HOME. It will be a place where our Female vets come to when they are facing challenges & are in need of a place to call Home. 

While here, they will be provided various types of assistance in efforts to transition to civilian life and self sufficiency. As home one is up and running successfully, we will be acquiring several others on the block/area to provide a haven for our family.

Training and assistance programs to be provided by the County and Federal Government will include: Job training/placement, MSW, educational training, and home placement assistance, to name a few. 

We also view this as an opportunity to revitalize & beautify the local Flint, MI area, as the ultimate goal is to have several large houses within Genesee County, some urban and others located in a rural setting. We will all work together and partner with other neighborhood organizations to keep the areas clean, beautiful and safe.

We have entered our Executive Summary the for GLEQ Event, (see Events tab)

If you are interested in getting involved, have any questions or would like to get more information about Our Home, please send an email to: , call (810) 309-9822 or post on the page and we will be happy to respond! 

Please join our page and share as it takes a village!